Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The inner girl

Sometimes I get momements throughout the day and night where my inner girl just wants to come out, sometimes I can't control it. It will mostly be little moments but occasionally its can be big. The other day it was big, I woke up one day last week and just had this huge urge to wear one of my panties for the day, now I don't ever do this as I only dress fem when alone and  at home in a safe environment but this feeling couldn't be stopped. Before I knew it I put on my panties (a thong of course hehe) and went about the day, I found myself purposely wiggling my butt and bending over at the hips which I never do normally. I saw people during the day and did my usual things, working out and doing and playing games. I was absolutely terrified of being caught but also a huge excitement as it felt soooo right and sooo good.

The only trouble I have now is because I've done it once and got away with it I want to do it all the time! What am I going to do! These feelings are popping up at any moment. 

I thought I would post my experience and how I feel on here as I know how loving and great this community is.

Love you all xx
Amy xx


Michelleisback63 said...

Just do what makes you feel good and not worry so much. And as for the bending and shaking your booties, most people won't notice unless they've known you for sometime.

Unknown said...

You should always be true to you. If you enjoy something you should go for it. Life's too short to be hiding the real you. Live life on your terms. Thank you for all you give to us.

Flexor said...

Keep doing what you like and are comfortable with. This is probably the best time yet to do it and fingers crossed that society continues to become more accepting (even if it is slowly).