Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Getting in good with the sorority part 2


Anonymous said...

I love the two parts. Good showing of the mental struggle. And good job of keeping the names straight with the corresponding girl from part 1.

With that said, one thing that is a little confusing is the two parts seem to have a mental reversal between the two friends. Charlie was the all-in person in the 1st, but then had to be convinced by James in the 2nd. While James was conflicted in the 1st to suddenly thinking a bj bj no big deal.

Amy tg chappers said...

Thank you I'm glad you liked it, I've just edited the caption so Charlie and James now match their personalities! Thanks for pointing it out ❤️

Salgirl21 said...

They like giving bjs so much and with their disappearing manhoods they love being one of the girls and part of the sorority who became recruiters for new "girls" who like them didn't know they wanted to be girls yet.